Sunday, July 6, 2014

{ an australian icon }

If you're Australian then these boots will need no introduction. 

To everyone else,  it's a pair of R.M. Williams boots; and these proudly adorne the feet of Australian men from cattle stations to rugby games to weddings and boardrooms alike. So there wasn't a moments hesitation when a friend commissioned me to to create this piece as a gift to her RM-wearing husband.

I painted these a little while ago but thought I would share something different for a change, and also some progress shots of these with you.... The initial intention was actually to be a black & white ink drawing; however they just didn't feel finished without that signature rich reddy brown licking the glossy leather. It was such a pleasure to brings such an Australian icon to life, and knowing that they live in such a lovely and happy home makes it all the sweeter. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Pip x

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

{ flowers, flowers, flowers }

Gosh it's been a long time since my last post! There's so much I could share that I don't know where to start... but here are a couple of lovely flower commissions I've had the privilege to work on in recent months. 

I never tire of painting fleurs as beautiful as these!

Pip x

Thursday, March 6, 2014

{ new exhibition work: redcliffe city art gallery }

Frangipani on Fruitboxes II - watercolour & gouache on paper

Frangipani on Fruitboxes I - watercolour & gouache on paper

Laying Pandanus - watercolour & gouache on paper

Birds of Paradise - watercolour & gouache on paper

Hanging Gumleaves - watercolour & gouache on paper

I am so excited to now share my latest work with you, which is currently exhibiting in the foyer space at the Redcliffe City Art Gallery during the month of March. The space is dedicated to emerging artists from the Moreton Bay area and surrounds, which is in the south east corner of our 'sunshine state'. It's a very temperate, sunny and beautiful part of the world and as as such I wanted this work to have a distinctly Queensland feel to it.

Having been born and lived in Queensland for most of my life, I am enamoured by the beautiful native flora that surrounds us as well as the vivid - almost blinding -  Australian light. I think it's this presence of light and colour that I am always trying to capture in my work, and for me, the combination of the beautiful washes of brilliant watercolour on clean, crisp white backgrounds is my way of taking the world around me to paper. To me, these folds of pandanus, floating boughs of gumleaves and of course the cheeky pops of the fruitbox colour feel just like a summer afternoon at home; with the easterly breeze rolling off the bay.

If you happen to be in the area then these works will be displaying at the Gallery (470- 476 Oxley Ave, Redcliffe) until the end of this month. Artworks are also for sale with all enquiry to me at

Thanks again for stopping by.

Pip x

All images original artworks copyright of Pip Boydell 2014

Sunday, February 2, 2014

{ adventures with hydrangeas }

Happy 2014 to everyone! Again it's been such a long time since my last post, but I thought I would start this year's posts off with a piece I did at the end of 2013 as a wedding gift to my best friend and her now husband. It's a collection of things very much 'everyday' on their own; but together, they represented the beautiful adventure that their life together will be. I hope it can be part of their family and home for the many years of wonderful ahead.

See you soon.
Pip x

Monday, October 21, 2013

{ flowers : an exhibition }

Section of The Fountainhead 2013. 72 x 54cm; Watercolour on Arches paper.

Cymbidiums 2013. 1120 x 78cm; watercolour on Arches paper. 

King Protea & Gum 2013. 1120 x 78cm; watercolour on Arches paper. 

Pink Lilies 2013. 72 x 54cm; Watercolour on Arches paper.

Cymbidium II 2013. 30 x 37cm; Watercolour on Arches paper.

New York 2013. 72 x 54cm; Watercolour on Arches paper.

Last week marked the opening of an exhibition that I have been working towards for the last little while. 'Flowers' is a collaborative show of four artists showcasing our works of all things floral; hosted at the very beautiful Black & Spiro showroom and store here in sunny Brisbane. 

The exhibition opening last Thursday was the perfect Spring evening. The store was not only brimming with art but also hoards of fresh flowers and happy people; all enjoying their mid week champagne amidst the Black & Spiro fabulousness. Look at all that colour!

For those who are able to make it, the exhibition will be on show for the next three weeks (until mid November) so be sure to pop by the shop as there is just so much to see - I promise it won't disappoint! I hope you like these pics and seeing what I have been up to lately. Thanks for stopping by and I promise to not leave as long until the next post!

Pip xx